Roku Com Link – How To Setup Channels on ROKU?

When we set-up ROKU through the, we automatically sign-up for a lifetime full of fun and relaxation as well. ROKU is a firm statement of quality service within the Online Streaming and Digital Entertainment community. The Roku account is very easy to access Roku channel store to add unlimited Roku channels free as well as paid as per choice.

Roku channels

The Value of ROKU Entertainment

Definitely, the set-up of the ROKU account starts your ROKU journey with But it should also be noted that it is just not the factor that determines your total enjoyment factor with ROKU. Equally important is the selection and adding of the Channels you prefer. There are some factors of interest that you may find helpful while going with adding a Channel to your Roku com link account.

  • What is the ROKU Channel Store?

Just like there is an App/Play Store for your Mobil- device, ROKU too has an archive of channels and other offerings. Additionally, it should be remembered that while some of the channels carry a subscription charge, other are free. More on the payment detail can be gotten while you add each of the channels to your account.

  • How should I add a channel to my personal ROKU Account?

Clearly, this is a step that needs the most attention while customizing your ROKU account. We are going to help you with this here. For adding a channel to your ROKU account, you will have to:

  1. Firstly, access your viewing device TV (or any other secondary options)
  2. Secondly, take your ROKU remote and then press the Home Button
  3. Thirdly, scroll and select the option titled ‘Streaming Channel’. Then open the Channel Store
  4. Also, if you would like to have more information on specific channels (for example or HULU etc.) push the ‘OK’ button on your remote. This page will open up the details which show the rundown, reviews, ratings etc. of the chosen channel. Similarly, significant screenshots will also be provided of the channel.
  5. Then, you can now select and add the channels according to your liking. But, be attentive as the Channels come in two categories:
  • Paid

Indeed, if the Channel indicates that it is paid, you can opt to buy it for a single time or continue with a subscription. But this depends on the payment plan the channel offers. To add the channel, you can simply opt for the ‘Buy’ choice and follow the directions as indicated.

  • Free

Alternatively, if the Channel indicates its ‘Free’ then you can directly choose the option ‘Add Channel’. This will enable you to install it on your ROKU device through your ROKU Account

  1. After that, you have to submit your ROKU Pin in the space indicated. But, if you don’t have a ROKU Pin please go to and you will get help there to obtain the pin.
  2. Also, please be sure that all your payment details are up to date. If not, please update them before you go through with the Roku com link channel subscriptions.
  3. Finally, having all your channels purchased/installed with your Roku com link account, it’s now your time to enjoy them.

How Should I make the ROKU Channel Payment?

You can subscribe to a channel through ROKU using two payment methods

  • A valid Credit Card
  • An active PayPal account

Three Tips to handle the ROKU Channel Store like a pro:

Although the routing of the ROKU-Channel-Store is very easy, there are certain small tips to make the navigation easier. Some of the lesser understood pro-tips are:

  • Importantly,

In the very beginning of the ROKU-Channel-store you can see a list of the most-popular, new or special-marked items. These are the channel categories that are the most preferred at the moment.

  • Similarly,

Using a specific key-words (like Most popular, Trending etc.) you can find your select choices easily according to your channel-preference. Also, this way it is easier to locate your choice based on a precise channel title.

  • Moreover

To skip or to leap a page forward or backward, press the Reverse/Forward Scan Button on the ROKU remote accordingly.


For more information on ROKU and its services, please visit roku com link

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