Set-Up ROKU in the easiest way: via Roku.Com/Link (Standard Guidelines 2020)

With thousands of Online-Entertainment-Service providers claiming to the best, choosing an appropriate streaming service requires a lot of deep thought. Stream hundreds of hit movies, live TV shows and more on the go with The Roku Channel, use it as a Roku remote to enjoy private listening. All assured with quality in verity. Firstly you need to activate your account.

What is exciting about ROKU?

Interestingly, the most compelling thing about is that it is very easy to put in, set-up and handle. This is most attractive plus-point about ROKU. It is one of the best services that are the easiest to install. It is one of the best and hassle free Online Streaming services that provide quality content fit for an international audience.

Activate the ROKU account in a quick and easy way?

First of all you have made up your mind to have a ROKU connection, the main step is to activate your ROKU-Account. For any help you with the ROKU-Activation, we have given below a very simplified set of quick and fast steps. Please follow them and enjoy your ROKU to your fill.

  1. Accessing the ROKU Account
  • The very first step towards the ROKU Set-up and activation is to open the link Go to ‘My Account part indicated on the web page.
  • Here to access the account, you will have to choose one of the following steps: 
  • Sign-In: This option is applicable to those who already have an account with ROKU. Enter your email-id and password, after that you can see Roku activation code on your TV. And you can now continue with your wonderful ROKU journey.
  • Sign-Up: This choice is relevant to the customers who are registering with ROKU for the first time.
    • List your basic details like your name, your email address etc.
    • After that create a unique & strong password. Using special characters like @, $, &, *, #, $ etc. Always recommended to make your password more secure.
    • Now, your personal ROKU Account is created & uses this for all your ROKU journeys ahead.  

2. Payment for the ROKU Account Subscription

The Next step is to make the Payment for your ROKU Subscription. Use one options for this.

  1. A valid Master or Visa Credit Card
  2. An Applicable PayPal Account.

3. Connecting the ROKU

With the payment of the subscription done, it’s now time to

  1. Connect your ROKU Streaming device to the Viewing Appliance of your comfort.
    • Primary Devices: Appliances like a Smart TV, a wide screen PC/Laptop etc is good for a comfortable viewing experience.
    • Secondary Devices: Gadgets like an internet connected Tablet; Mobile phones etc are good where privacy is preferred.
  2. The very next step will be to connect your whole new ROKU Set-up to a good internet resource.
    • ROKU recommends a good Wi-Fi connection to use for Streaming the ROKU Entertainment.
    • Alternatively, a good-quality Ethernet can also be used with a sturdy bandwidth.

4. Customizing your personal ROKU Account

  • Now, you can register your ROKU Account. With the help of setting your Language preference and Country of Operation.
  • Lastly it’s time to customize your ROKU Account with preferred your entertainment choices. Choose from a huge collection of Paid and Free Channels from the ROKU Play Store.

5. Finishing and concluding the ROKU Set-Up

  • Complete any recommended upgrades for the ROKU Software or the system recommended by ROKU.
  • With this final step, your ROKU Set-Up process is completes. Now you can freely enjoy your freshly activated ROKU Streaming without any hindrance.

The ROKU Conclusion:

ROKU’s customer service team is 24/7 ready to help you with anything regarding ROKU and its services.

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