All You Need To Know About Roku Streaming Device:

Roku Device is the world’s No #1 streaming device, which is very popular in the United States. Roku provides you the best experience of entertainment you desired. You can activate your device very easily undergo handy steps. To add your favorite channel you need to enter Roku activation code to the official Roku website in your browser and sign in to your Roku account. Add the activation code to url roku.com/link, follow instructions by Roku. Anyone can enjoy directly streaming content (With wireless internet connection) after your Roku code activation. Roku device gives you access to watch thousands of channels at a single place. You will get the complete guide below about how to activate Roku account through roku.com/link.

  • Use a computer or laptop for Roku com link account activation
  • Make sure, your computer should have the good internet connection
  • Now open a web browser such as Mozilla, opera, Google Chrome and that you want to use and type url www.Roku.com/link.
  • Once you hit enter, it will bring you on a new web page
  • Here you will see a space to enter Roku code
  • Kindly enter your Roku link code over there and click on a blue submit button
  • Wait for the next page
  • Moreover, the next Roku web page have two options for you Instant support for roku.com/link activation.


Create a new Roku.Com/Link account

  • Log in with existing Roku account
  • If you want to link with a new Roku.com/link account, simply create a new account by choosing the first option
  • Otherwise, you can choose the second option in order to use existing Roku.com/link account
  • Further, complete some formalities to create new Roku account
  • Find the registration area to enter some details such as name, email, password and verify password
  • When you enter these details, click on “submit” to proceed further
  • Furthermore, you have to choose a payment method for future transaction or channel purchasing
  • Again you will see two options for the payment

Credit Card Payment

  • PayPal Payment method
  • If you want to choose the first option, you have to provide your credit card details
  • Meanwhile, enter your PayPal account details in order to use the second option
  • One more step is left, that is PIN creation
  • Select any digits to create a Roku transaction PIN
  • This security PIN will provide you the authorized transaction
  • Moreover, you can secure your roku com link account as well
  • Hence, the entire Roku account activation process is completed

Easy way to Setup Roku Streaming Player

  • Make sure, you have all the necessary belongings that are required
  • HDMI cable/composite cable, power adapter, Roku remote control, power batteries and Roku headphone jack will come with Roku box
  • Let’s begin with setup Roku streaming player with your home TV
  • Use HDMI cable to connect streaming player with your home TV or HD TV
  • Moreover, connect streaming player to the wall power outlet through power adapter
  • Now your Roku streaming player is required to turn on the power button
  • All cable connection are completed, now you have to perform on-screen setup
  • First of all, include power batteries into your Roku remote control
  • Further, you have to choose a language from the listed
  • Language is necessary to give the text input
  • After that, choose the provided network name for wireless internet connection
  • You can also use the Ethernet cable for the wired internet
  • For wireless connection, enter username first
  • Similarly, enter your network security password
  • Then click on connect button
  • Streaming player is able to attempt software update automatically
  • Also refresh and restart automatically
  • So, don’t have any need to perform these manually
  • After reboot, you will see your Roku activation code on Roku home screen
  • Afterward, enter Roku activation code on roku.com/link to link your streaming device with account
  • Once Roku account activation is completed, you can access Roku channel store to add channels and Apps

Different Roku Streaming Products:

Here we have a list of latest Roku streaming devices. Read all information carefully that will help you to choose your streaming device.

Ultra streaming player:
  • Measure of ultra player is larger than express streaming player which is 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6 mm
  • Ultra player is one of the best streaming devices of Roku
  • Ultra streaming box will come with all necessary belongings such as USB, headphone jack, Micro-SD slots and many more
  • You can play audio through Dolby digital audio using HDMI
  • Enjoy night listening mode with Ultra streaming player
  • Remote control support headphone jack
  • Enjoy your audio privately with headphones
  • Remote control also has a feature that will help you to find lost remote
  • Use individual buttons for popular channels
Express streaming players:
  • Measure of express streaming player is 35.6 x 83.8 x 17.8 mm
  • Express+ streaming player provide fast service as compare to Roku 1 model
  • Able to work with older TV through composite cables
  • Available at affordable cost
  • Moreover, use Dolby audio for great experience
  • In addition, IR remote control helps you to give an input
Streaming stick:
  • Looks like a pen drive
  • Only one device that you can carry during your traveling and use anywhere
  • Includes entire features of streaming player
  • Provide all necessary belongings
  • Effortless setup and easy to use
  • Furthermore, great performance and properly designed
  • Portable and best for wall mounted TV
Roku TV:
  • Enjoy 4K streaming with Roku TV
  • Best device for wall
  • Use without any cable connection
  • Not require for individual setup
  • Moreover, enjoy faster streaming
Premiere streaming player models:
  • Measure of Premiere streaming player is 124.5 x 124.5 x 21.6
  • Count as a top model of Roku streaming player
  • Support Ethernet as well as wireless internet connection
  • Moreover, it has Micro- SD card slot to use SD card
  • Support all audio listing features including Dolby audio, headphones (used for private listening) and many more
  • Remote control have RF technology

Stream Unlimited Content after Roku.Com/Link activation

Although, this is easy to use a streaming player, most of the users get confused when they are trying to use Roku streaming player. Hope, you have completed setup and roku.com/link activation process. Now you can add channels to your Roku channel list. In addition, you can access Roku channel store through www.roku.com/link account or Roku device. Further, you can use search option for direct input. Type your channel name and open the details of your channel. Here you will see an option which is “Add Channel”. Simply, click on that option in order to add the channel.

Most Watched Roku Channels:

Roku provides more than thousand plus free channels as well as 3500+ on-demand channels. Moreover, you can use free channel without any subscription. Further, you have to pay for the on-demand Roku channels.


We are showing you some popular Roku Channels and apps that you can stream on your Roku streaming player.

  • Netflix.com/activate
  • Hulu
  • Fxnetworks activate
  • YouTube
  • Noggin
  • Sling TV
  • HBO GO
  • Amazon
  • Pandora
  • Spectrum
  • Plex
  • NBC
  • Starz com
  • Google play & Movies
  • NICK
Watch Hulu on your streaming player:

You can watch unlimited and instant streaming of latest episodes as well as the entire session of popular TV shows also the past session of top most shows. Moreover, watch the current episodes of popular network shows including Empire, Scandal, once upon a time, Gotham, New girl, Saturday night Live and many more by subscribing Hulu on your Roku device. Besides this, you can access every session of shows such as South Park, Seinfeld, The Mindy project, Nashville, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Law and order: SVU as well as popular cable series. You can activate Hulu from your Roku device by accessing Roku channel store. Otherwise, access roku.com/link account Hulu on your streaming device.

YouTube on Roku streaming player:

It would be amazing to watch YouTube videos on your streaming device. Moreover, you can send videos from your mobile device to your TV through the Wi-Fi connection. In addition, select a video for instant play. Follow the steps in order to watch YouTube on your streaming player.

  • Connect streaming player to your TV:

This is the first and basic requirement to watch YouTube. Simply connect the streaming player to your TV and provide Wi-Fi connection. Afterward, login to roku.com/link account.

  • Add YouTube on streaming device:

Find YouTube among all the channels. Kindly click on the “Add Channel” option and add the channel to your list.

  • Activate YouTube account:

Simply sign in to your YouTube account first. You will see an activation code on the popup. Enter this code through computer or laptop to link the device with YouTube account.

  • Pair Device:

Scan the provided code through your mobile and tablet to pair. Afterward, enjoy YouTube on your Roku device.  

Watch Sling TV through Roku player:

Sling TV is a live streaming service; through this, you can pick your personalized channel lineup as well as save. Moreover, start personalized with your favorite genres including Comedy, sports, entertainment, kids, news, lifestyle, movies, Spanish and much more.

You are permitted to streaming over 1000+ live channels on your device instantly. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do it whenever you want. Sling TV has the different plan according to need.

The orange service of Sling TV offers more than 30 channels at 20$ per month which includes Disney Channel, ESPN, TNT, AMC, CNN, TBS and more.

The Blue service of Sling TV offers more than 40 channels at 25$ per month which includes FX, History, FOX, NBC HGTV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central and many more.

These are the different services of Sling TV that you can choose according to your need. If you want to know more about Roku channels app, go to the Roku channel store and find out the necessary information or you can also take help from our Roku customer support.

Finding some issues in Roku device?

There various types of issues that user can find during Roku account activation, Channel activation, setup and more. Determine your Roku problem through below information.

Roku Playback issues:

Sometimes, the playback issues cause a big problem during the streaming. Here we are listing some playback issues that usually occur.

  • Not able to play any video from any channel
  • Unable to play a specific video
  • Not able to play any video from the single channel
  • Start and stop (Re-buffering) frequently
  • Poor video quality
  • Slow speed
Roku link code issues:
  • Not able to find Roku code
  • Invalid Roku activation code
  • How to enter Roku code on the link
  • Roku code doesn’t exist
  • Want a new Roku activation code and more
Roku account activation issues:
  • Unable to activate Roku com link account
  • How to find a link to enter Roku code
  • Getting an error during activation
  • How to reset password
  • Unable to create a new Roku account
  • The problem in sign in
  • The issue in transaction PIN
  • Roku device is stuck
  • Invalid account and many more

Need technical help for Roku issues?

You can solve all the above Roku.com/link problems at one place. Our Roku technical support service provides support for all Roku issues. Moreover, users can also take call us today @+1-845-795-3510 our Roku technical experts to get the best advice to fix their all Roku issues within 2 minutes. We have experienced as well as certified technicians to take care of your Roku device. In addition, we are available 24*7 to provide the best Roku technical support.