Step by Step guidance for setup account for Roku Express+

Although, it is easy to activate account, sometimes users face problems in it.
Roku actually is the streaming content with high definition quality and one thing is different in this, it has 1000 entertainment channels and more than 100 free channels and it has the game ready remote by which you can program it and get access to these channels. So, get ready to set up your Roku streaming player. activation

Necessary belongings provided by Roku

Everything you will get inside the box

  • Your Roku streaming player
  • Roku remote control
  • Strip (double sided sticky tape) which you defiantly
  • Power adapter
  • Micro USB cable
  • HDMI cable
  • Composite cable
  • Power batteries

Besides these things, you get the setup guide chart inside the Roku box.

Remote features

Roku provides you the featured and well design remote control with amazing functionality. On the remote control, you get the direct quick click button for popular channels like; Hulu, Netflix, Vudu and Sling that is very nice to seeing.

Steps for Setup

Okay, now go for Roku setup.

  • Find an available HDMI port on your TV model and composite port it depend on your model
  • Next is, go ahead to insert one end of HDMI cable into your TV as well as composite cable
  • Then goes in through with Roku streaming player, insert the second end of HDMI cable into Roku streaming player
  • Insert the microSD cable in the right position
  • Here is a reset button, in case have any trouble you can reset it
  • Plug in the USB cable in power adapter which came with the device
  • Go ahead and Turn on your Roku streaming player
  • It will give you a welcome screen
  • Now set your default language

Step for account activation

  • Firstly determine your network which one you are going to use wireless or wired
  • If you have wired network connection then you will need an Ethernet cable for connection
  • Else, no need
  • Select your available network
  • Enter your network password make sure you have entered the correct password
  • Wait for some moments for processing
  • Now you will be permitted to use the network connection
  • You change your display setting according to your choice
  • After that, by using laptop or PC enter the in URL
  • Now enter the correct activation code on it which is provided
  • You may or not have a Roku account, then create if don’t
  • Already have an account, no need to create the new account
  • Once you do log in this, you will get access to use Roku services
  • Add your Roku channels or update the channels
  • Once it done, it will give you a done message on screen
  • Now you can enjoy your Roku streaming player

Roku technical support

Well, hope your Roku will successfully installed. In case you are facing any issues in this process no need to worry about it, you can call us at any time for Roku technical support as well as visit our website for the online solution. If are not able to activate your account on then just dial our toll-free number.